3 Strategies to Escape the Urgent Response Box

AIM, IMAGINE, MAXIMIZE — Photo: Adobe photostock

3 Strategies to Avoid the 4 Corners of Fake Urgency:

1. AIM

Aim means to point or direct with the intention of achieving. This is exactly what needs to occur day in and day out; each day that you make a choice about where you’ll put your effort and energy.

AIM — Know what you want, & make time for it. Photo — Adobe photostock

2. Imagine

IMAGINE — How to get out of the box! Adobe photostock

Personal Example:

Punctuate with a Pause. Pause, and ask yourself questions.— Adobe photostock

3. Maximize

MAXIMIZE — Learn from your experience and build a strategy to avoid the box! Photo — Adobe photostock

Ask yourself:

READY, SET, AIM — Adobe photostock



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