3 Strategies to Escape the Urgent Response Box

AIM, IMAGINE, MAXIMIZE — Photo: Adobe photostock

3 Strategies to Avoid the 4 Corners of Fake Urgency:

1. AIM

Aim means to point or direct with the intention of achieving. This is exactly what needs to occur day in and day out; each day that you make a choice about where you’ll put your effort and energy.

AIM — Know what you want, & make time for it. Photo — Adobe photostock

2. Imagine

IMAGINE — How to get out of the box! Adobe photostock
  1. Can I start to build a strategy in the midst of this urgent situation?
  2. Can I build structure, a system or process, and implement it to save time in the future?
  3. What is this urgent situation teaching me about improving something? Eliminating something?

Personal Example:

I’ll share a personal example of something I went through last week and I’m still navigating through now. My experience allowed me to use the imagination process on myself and it later inspired me to write this blog.

Punctuate with a Pause. Pause, and ask yourself questions.— Adobe photostock

3. Maximize

MAXIMIZE — Learn from your experience and build a strategy to avoid the box! Photo — Adobe photostock

Ask yourself:

How can I maximize this situation?

READY, SET, AIM — Adobe photostock



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Kimberly Sheldahl

Kimberly Sheldahl


Chief Priority Strategist |Practical Priorities™ | Certified, Predictive Index ™ & Kolbe™ | Full Focus Planner Certified Pro™|Health Coach