How to Stop the Boomerang Effect and Recycle Old Habits

Boomerang — yellow with paint splattered on a black background
The Boomerang Effect. Adobe Stock Photo

How Do You Stop the Boomerang Cycle?

  1. Get clear on your priorities. Priorities either support your goals or not. If your goals were a Broadway production then they would be the backstage crew, cast members, leading actors and actresses, musicians, etc. You get the picture.

Ask yourself these questions:

What forms of energy best fuels your engine? Things to consider that are obvious and not so obvious.

Pyramid of Mental Energy
What’s Your Power Level? Adobe Photo Stock



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Kimberly Sheldahl

Kimberly Sheldahl


Chief Priority Strategist |Practical Priorities™ | Certified, Predictive Index ™ & Kolbe™ | Full Focus Planner Certified Pro™|Health Coach