Still Stuck? Solve Problems with Practical Priorities and PQ.

The 9 Accomplice Saboteurs and The Judge — 10 Negative Response Factors found in the factor analysis study — Positive Intelligence
The Saboteurs — Copyright Positive Intelligence [used with permission]
Stuck in the gap? Problem without a solution? Try, what I like about that.
Adobe Stock & Express — By Author
Frieda, the fish out of water, innovating trying to figure out how to stay afloat until new water arrives. Getting unstuck through innovation.
Frieda, the Innovative Fish — Adobe Stock & Express — By Author



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Kimberly Sheldahl

Kimberly Sheldahl


Chief Priority Strategist |Practical Priorities™ | Certified, Predictive Index ™ & Kolbe™ | Full Focus Planner Certified Pro™|Health Coach