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Procrastination gets a bad wrap. It’s one of those words that carries the dark cloud of negative connotation over its very meaning. Yet, if we break the word down, notice something. It starts with the prefix, PRO.

Why does a negative word like procrastination start with such a great prefix???

Well, Wikipedia says this:

“The word has origin from the Latin procrastinatus, which itself evolved from the prefix pro-, meaning “forward,” and crastinus, meaning “of tomorrow.”

So, forward to tomorrow, not today. Also known as the big “let’s just put that off, AGAIN!” …

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I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by many brilliant people. That is particularly true, as of late. And I’ve found they share something in common, it’s a common thread.

So, come along with me and let’s unravel their secret.

There’s a golden thread that unites them. Some people call that thread resilience. Others coin terms that we’ve all heard — Grit, tenacity, or phrases like “they never give up.”

Their secret?

They combine their God-given talents with their knowledge, but this combo alone isn’t a recipe for success. These people don’t simply rely on their talents and knowledge. …

“Am I Okay Today, This Week, This Month?”

_ Jim Porter, CEO, StressStop.com

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I recently interviewed Jim Porter, CEO of StressStop.com on my video podcast show, Boom Baby Boom. He and I not only talked about managing stress, we also delved into these topics:

Career Transition: We discussed how he transitioned from the film industry into being one of the countries leading experts on Stress Management.

Personal Stress Management: We talked about how he manages his own stress and Jim shared the story about the people who were instrumental in his life; the mentors who introduced him to stress management…

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Do you long to be in a different situation? Do you want to achieve a goal that seems out of reach? Maybe you want to focus on your health but increasing exercise and eating better is a pipe dream. You’ve tried those things so many times and continue to fail. Is the problem a lack of will power? Is the problem a lack of discipline or do you lack the motivation to achieve your goals? You may want to open your own business, but you don’t know where to start. You wonder what you should do. You question if anyone…

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Facing and embracing adversity seems like an odd and somewhat of an oxymoron. Doesn’t it?

The fact is that every day of our lives we face some form of adversity. That doesn’t mean we have a negative mindset, nor does it imply that we live with a negative mindset. That’s not what it means at all. Adversity surrounds us each day, but when we embrace things as they are, that doesn’t mean we like those circumstances. We want things to be better. Embracing adversity prevents us from increasing our own suffering. …

Don’t Worry. Be Happy.

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In September of 1988 Bobby McFerrin released the song, Don’t Worry Be Happy. There’s one part of the lyrics that really stand out to me:

“In every life we have some trouble
But when you worry you make it double
Don’t worry, be happy”

This is so true, but often hard to live up to. We double the trouble when we worry about things that are out of our control, but how do we shift our mindset? Furthermore, why would we bother?

[1] McFerrin, Bobby — Don’t Worry Be Happy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-diB65scQU

Let’s start with the why

The Impact of Happiness:

Is it all in your Head?

Photo: Pixaby Photos by Alexas & Gerd Altmann

A key to any great organization is authentic leadership, great products, services and processes. Unfortunately, the people within an organization can be undervalued; the very people that stand behind your mission and vision.

It goes without saying that every organization is a little different. It’s doesn’t matter if you’re a non- profit versus for profit, small versus large. You might be a small business around the corner or a mammoth like Google or Amazon, but there is one thing all organizations have in common.

That is your people. The people who drive your services. The people who promote and support…

Get Your Boom on in 2020. Activate Your A Game! Picture: Pixaby Photography by Gerd Altmann •Photo-shopped by Kimberly Sheldahl

“I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.”

Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind

It’s a new year and most of us make resolutions. Resolutions come in all shapes and sizes. We make progress on some and others we procrastinate.

Why is that? I believe it’s related to what we perceive as past failures. We’ve all started a new year, made resolutions and blew them by March. It happens to the best of us. Change is hard.

We also all made resolutions that we simply couldn’t jump start. There’s…

One Memory at a Time….

Picture: Pixaby, Webofiice. Photoshop: Kimberly Sheldahl

Like many seasons this time of year is full of nuances. Most of us spend quite a bit of money, wrap presents and cook a lot of food. In turn, we generally receive new items and make room for our new gadgets and gizmos. We spend time with family and friends and tend to eat too much. The results are both good and not so good.

It’s great to be around those we love, but inevitably we encounter stress. Stress generally enters at about the same time as our guests’ arrival. People travel to attend…

4 Simple Tips to Make the Most of Your Holiday Time

Pixaby Images: Photo-shopped — Kimberly Sheldahl (Clock-Alexas Fotos; Sweet Potatoes-Hans Braxmeier; Earth-Gerd Altman)

There’s much to say about the ticking clock. Time is and finite and we all must work within that reality. But where does time go? It appears to evaporate. Many pivotal moments in my life seemed as if they happened yesterday, yet many of them occurred years ago. So, where does time go and how do we capture it before it slips away?

I know many of us attempt to engage in present moment awareness and appreciate that for what it is. Frankly staying present is especially difficult during…

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